You have big things coming - all good things. Let’s do it together.

Before we jump in, I’m sure you have questions. Let’s dive into the important details so we can make sure we are a good match.

about you

  • You care about making a real, lasting impact and income to support a meaningful life
  • You value the support of a creative expert who can bring your vision to life with visuals 
  • You care about having a professional presence and promise not to cobble together your brand moving forward
  • You are excited to invest in your growth knowing it will pay off exponentially
  • You trust the process and are ready to head into this experience with an open mind

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re nodding along, I think we’re going to get along great. Keep reading.

about me

  • I will care just as much about your vision as I care about my own vision, but you have to believe in your vision even more than I do.
  • I believe in the quality of my work because I’ve worked enough in my zone to know what you need, even if you don’t.
  • I have an intuitive connection with clients and I can sense things about you that you may not even realize are there. This is what makes the work I do so impactful.
  • I don’t believe in band-aids and have centered my whole approach around it, so you will have a professional and aligned presence when we’re done.
  • I will hold space for you to explore your deeper purpose and find creative ways to express it.

Does it sound like we’re a good fit so far?

Yay - because I’ve also gathered professional service provider partners who will be a good fit, too. Keep reading.


  • I collaborate with a brand strategist, messaging expert, and marketing consultant, Amber Brooks for complete rebrands – from strategy to messaging and visuals – through Brandividuation®. Together we’ll give you the whole package.
  • I partner with many expert-level service providers and we all share a list of incredible ideal clients (that probably will include you if you’re still reading).
  • We each have our own businesses, but we work together, through referrals or subcontracting, to get the job done and help you reach your goals.
  • We are ready to come together to help you shine. If we could be in the same room, we’d link arms and raise glasses, too, but we’re all over the world.
  • Our partnership circle includes a developer, virtual assistants, copywriters, marketing experts, photographers, videographers, social media managers, coaches, consultants, finance experts, and more. 

Are you as excited as I am?!

Read more to find out how we all come together to be your village.

are you ready?

  • With you, me, and my partner circle, the potential for your brand will be endless. You’ll get access to experts who have worked for businesses from solo to huge enterprises but are particularly passionate about your success.
  • Because everything has to be built from a solid brand foundation, that’s where we start. I can help you with a quick brand refresh or Amber and I can assess, develop, or refine your brand foundation through Brandividuation® and then talk about bringing in backup for implementation if needed.
  • Already have a super solid foundation? Great! I bet you’re ready for implementation through concierge-style VIP Design Days. Learn more here.

Sound like a total no-brainer?

I certainly think so. We should talk more.

Official Bio

Laurie’s an intuition-led expert in branding and design, with 30 years of experience, who can see the big picture when it comes to your vision and the little details that make it whole. That’s why clients come to her as their visual brand strategist and creative director – for her refined skillset, acquired knowledge, and unwavering support.

Connect with Laurie
"Omigosh - working with Laurie Baines was a beautiful and emotional experience. I had very specific ideas about what I wanted my logo to look like - down to sketches I had done. I intentionally didn't share them with Laurie so I wouldn't force something that made no sense. Laurie immediately understood what I was looking for and where I wanted to go when I shared my brand inspo board on Pinterest. Then she turned around and created the perfect logo - that was eerily similar to one I had sketched, but oh so much better. The point is she listened to me, she got me, she made suggestions and comments that made sense, and then she created a logo that is so me and so my brand that it felt positively organic.
Robin Carberry
Robin Carberry Coaching

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I'm ready to get started, but unsure what I need.

I'm ready to invest and get things done in my business.

We cultivate a space of exploration and growth that results in a cohesive, aligned, polished, and professional brand that allows impact creators to step into the next version of their vision.

I'm ready to take my brand to the next level.