Hi! I’m Laurie,

I capture your mission, story, and passion and turn them into innovative marketing campaigns designed with YOU in mind.

I believe that a brand is far more than just a logo and some HEX colors… it is a roadmap. It pulls your mission, story, and passion together into a cohesive and authentic message ready to impact the right person. That concrete direction not only allows you to get crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve them, it promotes trust and tells your unique story before you ever say a word!

My Brand Needs a RoadmapI'm Ready to Get Started NOW!

Simply put, I believe in the power of branding, and that is why I do what I do.

But beyond that, I’ve been where you are. See, I was born to be an entrepreneur. I knew that at a young age, so I got my hands on every resource I could and built a rock-solid foundation of knowledge, software skills, and know-how. Finally, I felt confident enough to launch my own business. It has been a fantastic journey, and one I see mirrored in my client’s experiences daily. That journey set me up to be a branding expert you can trust, because I’ve been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt. I understand the unique struggles that come with presenting your business to the world.

My experience ranges from creating brand awareness for corporate agencies, to crafting messaging for start-up coaches and healers. Ultimately, one of my favorite parts of this job is collaborating on all different kinds of projects! I’m passionate about delivering campaigns driven by my client and their message, and this wide experience level allows me to bring fresh ideas and an open mind to each project. My approach challenges the traditional ‘cut-and-paste’ branding mentality and allows my clients to get personalized results centered on them.

When we work together, I not only bring decades of experience to the table, I bring a deep understanding of what you’re going through. I use my experience to take an insightful look at you and your company so I can bring your brand and story to life. This leaves you with a cohesive, clearly defined roadmap pointed toward your ideal client.

I’m already excited to work with you! Check out my services here to get started.

Fun facts about me.

  • I LOVE helping others SHINE!
  • I LEARN something new every day
  • I LOVE all things tech! Yup, I’m a bit geeky, not going to lie
  • I LIVE less than an hour from the mountains, the beach and a major city and I love an adventure!
  • I LOVE to journal and try to, daily. Helps me get out of my head and to stay in the moment.
  • I LOVE to cook and I am a Foodie. My favorite memories were of time spent in the kitchen with family & friends. A good bottle of wine, some tasty treats and great conversation.