Heidi Jo Wayco

Copy Genius


ā€œInvesting in my business was a big deal and long overdue. Thank you for hearing me, seeing me, really GETTING my brand and communicating it through art and design. I keep telling people I want to SWIM IN IT! Big love, honor, respect, and appreciation! šŸ˜˜ā€

Heidi Jo Wayco
Copy Genius

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Hey there – Laurie Baines and Amber Brooks here. We joined forces a few years back – to bring together our combined 40 years of messaging, marketing, visual brand strategy, design, and creative direction so you can have a brand that flows cohesively and stands out effectively.

Through the No Band-aid approach to brand visuals and proprietary Brandividuation framework, we extract and articulate the true essence of the values, vision, and vibe behind our clientsā€™ missions.

Our belief is that every for-profit impact-focused team deserves a professionally developed brand that is true to their vision and values that will allow them to create the impact they envision, without having to hire a full in-house brand and marketing team. For that reason, we are committed to giving our mission-led clients expert-level support with the personal touch others fall short on.

I'm ready to get started, but unsure what I need.

I'm ready to invest and get things done in my business.

We cultivate a space of exploration and growth that results in a cohesive, aligned, polished, and professional brand that allows impact creators to step into the next version of their vision.

I'm ready to take my brand to the next level.

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I’m excited to meet you! Letā€™s find time to chat over coffee about how we can work together to get our clients the right support when itā€™s needed.